We are an esports team from Thomas Rotherham College in South Yorkshire and we compete in the British Esports Student Champs. We aim to be the best esports destination for students wanting to study or participate in esports in the South Yorkshire region.


SRL 2023/24 - SPLIT 1 - RACE 1

This week was the first race in the inaugural Student Racing League. TRC Cobras qualified for Split 1 as the 5th best team overall. Each of the Split 1 races are streamed live on the Williams Esports Twitch channel. In the team selection process we got our first choice of Aston Martin (later teams actually choose Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari). The first race was Abu Dhabi, and turned out to be very eventful with several safety cars.

Qualifying went well for Marco (SmellyEllis or TRC Marco in the steam), setting a decent time and a top 10 start, TRC Anaconda (Yeetus) qualified just outside of the top 10 but found 2 seconds on his initial lap.

The race was full of incidents, safety cars, and overtakes but through the carnage both drivers finished in the points with a 8th & 10th place finishes. This was later promoted to 7th & 10th after another driver completed a double overtake by going off track, the subsequent penalty pushed Marco up one place.

No time to rest, we are racing Qatar this week, so check out the Williams Esports at 16:15

Date Added: Dec. 2, 2023, 3:07 p.m.


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