We are an esports team from Thomas Rotherham College in South Yorkshire and we compete in the British Esports Student Champs. We aim to be the best esports destination for students wanting to study or participate in esports in the South Yorkshire region.



This week was quite interesting on many levels, a promising SRL Race was spoilled by a late safety car, and in Rocket League we submitted our first ever unsporting behaviour ticket.

Race 4 of Student Racing League was Bahrain, a track our drivers had been looking forward to. Despite pole position going to GCS with a time fractionally slower than the world record, TRC Cobras qualified well in the top 10. A steady and safe start followed by the scheduled pitstop, TRC Cobras had P4 & P5. A late safety car saw us move up to P3 & P4 on the track. However TRC George recieved a 5 second penalty for speeding in the pitlane.

The ending of the safety car gave us a 2 lap sprint to the end of the race, however on the second corner of the restart TRC Marco lost the car on the curbs and spun out of contention. He rejoined at the back of the field. TRC George managed to build up enough of a gap to finish in 7th after his penalty was applied (not bad for 2 laps of racing). TRC Macro finished out of the points.

Rocket League was entertaining this week, our team consisted of two of our regular players plus another we poached from our basketball team (one of our regular players was ill). All was going well against a team of diamonds & plats, TRC won the first game 4-0 and the second game 8-0. The third game was to decide the game but unfortunately not on the day, for the third game the opposition introduced a new player who was GC3 and we lost game 3. However I had recognised the new players ID from previous seasons and they are listed on the roster for the oppositions first team, and we are meant to be playing their second team.

This therefore meant they allowed a player to play in 2 different teams in the same week. In the past when we run multiple RL teams (once we had 4 teams) I would ensure any replacement players aren't much better than those they replaced. If they were champ 1 we wouldn't have complained.

In Overwatch, TRC Cobras stormed to a dominant victory over Hullraisers OW2-A. A welcome return to form after the previous weeks disappointment.

Date Added: Feb. 14, 2024, 3:02 p.m.


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