We opened our esports space in August 2021 after significant investment by the college.

We have a combination of high spec gaming PCs (AlphaSync with TUF keyboard & Mouse), XBOX Series X, and Playstation 5 consoles which will allow students to compete (or just play) on their preferred platform. This will allow great flexibility with the titles we offer, because we can offer titles exclusive to one platform. All of our devices have a range of games installed to cover the different genres esports has to offer, and we are always looking to expand these titles.

All of our devices are already signed in and students can turn up and play. This provides better security for our students because individual accounts can create a trail back to the player. For official TRC Cobras scrims and matches players can sign in with their account. These are very safe organised and regulated environments unlike those for the general public.


We have a 3 bank layout for the room, one bank of high spec gaming PCs, another bank of PS5 consoles, and a final bank of XBOX Series X consoles.


All devices are equipped with a comfortable gaming headset and controller charging cable. The high spec gaming PCs have available USB ports so that students can bring in a controller or their own specific keyboard/mouse. All devices have a turn up and play account setup, so you can just sit down and play instantly.

We have a core set of games installed across the devices with Rocket League, Fortnite, Brawlhalla, Overwatch2, eFootball, FallGuys and Apex Legends available on all.


On top of these games, the high spec gaming PCs also have League of Legends, Valorant, DOTA2, Smite, Halo Infinite, StarCraft II,World of Warcraft, and Destiny2. The XBOX Series X's also have FIFA 21, Halo Infinite, and Destiny2 installed.


The high spec gaming PCs also have OBS Studio installed for streaming your gaming content to twitch or YouTube.

We are always looking to expand the titles we offer and future titles include:


The offical room number for our Sim Racing room. Our two rigs are Logitech based and both have large displays, one is connected to a PS5 and the other to an Xbox Series X (we also have the option of swapping in a PC onto either rig).


We currently have the following games installed:


S11b also includes our high spec Observer PC and our multiple input Production PC, this uses a multi monitor setup and also includes a mixing desk.


The offical room number for our studio space. This is a very versitile space and we are still developing this space to improve the student experience and the quality of our streaming output. We will add photos once the decoration of the space is completed.

We currently have a casting space with a dedicated casters screen, casting microphones and green screen. We also have a separate Elgato pull down green area which could be used for presenting, filming, interviews or hosting.

We also have a range of video and streaming equipment such as GoPro Hero 10, Elgato StreamDeck, Elgato Video Capture devices, various microphones, and various lighting.


All of our esports spaces are next to one of the college's main events spaces. This is used for examinations and various college functions, but out of those times it can be used to stage our esports events. S12 can be configured in multiple ways including a stage and seating options .

Our Year 13 students have used it to stage their esports event with the players using our esports spaces and the spectators watching on a big screen in S12. Spectators also had a refreshments & snacks area, and a esports skills testing area.