After a successful first season in esports we wanted to build on this and further improve and expand the esports opportunities available. In 2022/23 we expanded the titles offered and add more teams, this included entering League of Legends and Overwatch2. We also organised a few events including TRC Brawl and the South Yorkshire Rocket League Cup. We also started Rep Esports, to allow our teams to practice and prepare.

2022/23 also included a few disappointments with the FIFA and Minecraft opportunities not materialising. Also the Apex Legends tournament opportunities vanished one by one with the organisers cancelling their events. We also had a disappointing season with none of our teams making it to the National Divisons, and none of our Division 1 teams made it past the first round elimination.

2023/24 will see us develop further and expand the role students play within our organisation. We want to be student led and run, our role should be to supervise and potentially cover any gaps.


We really want to be a student led organisation so we will seek to appoint students to key areas including Player Management, Social Media, Content Creation, and a Player Representitive.

2023/24 will see the introduction of player contracts and all players will need to sign and agree to the terms and conditions. Every player must join the TRC Cobras Discord server, and select their availability on a weekly basis. We will also ensure that any student playing on a non academy team must be signed onto Rep Esports.

In order to avoid the situation of folding a team we will only be adding a new team if existing teams already have sufficient substitutes. Part of the role of the substitutes will be to fulfil other team duties such as scouting upcoming oponents or analysing previous games.


We will stream one Student Champs title every week. We will try to vary the title as much as possible to ensure equal coverage.

We will really push social media in 2023/24. We will appoint a student to this role and will aim to generate posts on a weekly cycle to cover pre & post game, streaming schedules, and other esports related news.


We will enter teams in the following titles:

We will enter two drivers in the Student Racing League, the new collaboration between British Esports and Williams Esports.

FIFA/Football should be back for the 2023/24 season, when any announcement is made we will look to organise an entry. This is currently very unclear with the current state of EA/FIFA etc.


We will continue to organise events to expand the opportunities beyond the Student Champs. This will include organising the TRC BrawlHalla Invitational (open to all colleges), and the TRC Brawl (TRC students only).

Once the Student Champs schedule is published we will also organise the South Yorkshire Rocket League Cup. We will invite every South Yorkshire based Student Champs Rocket League team and use it to practice between the winter and spring splits.

New to 2023/24 will be some fun tournaments using Fall Guys including a tournament for both staff and students.


We will look to organise other events to expand the overall participation and the titles our students can compete in. We will potentially organise tournaments in eFootball, Halo Infinite, and Destiny 2.

We will look to enter Minecraft based esports. 2021/22 was the first season for MCCL but nothing materialised for 2022/23, so opportunities might be difficult to find.

We will form a team to compete in Apex Legends tournaments, however previous tournament opportunities have vanished so we will look at other opportunities via Challenger Mode. We will aim to enter at least 1 tournament per month but the scheduling of events seems to give only a week or so notice.