TEAMS - Brawlhalla


Formed: Sept 2022

We are very lucky that 2 of our new students for 2022-23 are very passionate about Brawlhalla and have devoted a considerable amount of time to play the game to a high level. The FRI Clan are now an integral part of the TRC Cobras family. They have already played 2 of our XBOX Series X upto Platinum 2 in less than 16 hours of play.

The FRI Clan had previously created a YouTube channel with some of their game clips, this can be found Here.

The players have just been invited to play in the upcoming Brawlhalla Year 7 Season. We would also really like to start some tournaments to bring together other students playing in other schools & colleges. We are open to all challengers & If you want to play us, use the contact form from the navigation menu.


  • 2022/23 Invite to upcoming Year 7 Season


Gemini FRI
Gemini FRI

Platform: XBOX
Rank: Plat
Role: -
TRC Tag: -